• Take #stayingathome in tracky daks up a level.

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The World's Comfiest, Cosiest Wearable Works Of Art.

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The Story

tracky daks - noun. (Australian slang) 

Definition: Tracksuit pants/sweat pants (bottom half of a tracksuit). 

Usage: "My tracky daks are so comfy and warm but so hideously boring and frumpy that I almost lose the will to live when I wear them. Why can't they feel great AND look amazing too?!" 

And therein lies the problem. But what's the solution?

Introducing The Dakkery: a gallery of spectacular luxury organic cotton/bamboo fleece tracky daks - designed, hand-printed and proudly made in Australia. Step into the world's comfiest works of art!

I am Mandy, an extremely sleep-deprived mum of two. Well I only have one but he IS two, which is pretty much the same thing, ha!

The idea came when I was living in a beautifully dilapidated historical Victorian Terrace in Sydney that had more cracks in it than an apprenticeship of plumbers - under doors, over doors, IN doors, in walls, around windows...you get the idea. And it was winter. Admittedly Sydney winter (and it was mild that year), but it was colder inside than out - really, ski gear wouldn't have gone astray. Awaking one morning, I haughtily raised my middle finger at the ray of sunshine poking me in the eye, fashioned the covers into a balaclava with a hole for only one nostril and momentarily tried to pretend that I didn't actually have to emerge from the warmth to another day and yet another depressing choice between freezing or frumpy.

So I glanced sadly at my funky skinny jeans that make me feel like a million bucks and yet again pushed them aside to reach for that daggy Aussie staple - my bland, ill-fitting, but cosily warm fleecy tracky daks. The ones that, when I wear them, remove all impetus to brush my hair or teeth. Or clean the house. Or do anything much except watch infomercials and Days of Our Lives and maybe summon the energy to venture down to the local for a game of bingo. And I thought "why can't I have tracky daks that are cosy, comfortable, actually fit AND that not only am I not ashamed to dash to the shops in, but proud - because they're spectacular, and make me look AMAZING?! Where are all the spectacular daks?!"

So I took my first world problem and I did something about it, something to make the world a better place. I created The Dakkery - a gallery of beautiful, comfy, cosy, sustainable, wearable works of art!

The product in short: fancy tracky daks. And boy are they fancy!

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Limited Edition Prints

The Dakkery daks are all one-off, unique pieces, screenprinted by hand.

No two pairs are quite the same. Dress them up or dress them down. Go hard or lounge around.